Co-extruded, shockproof PBT in white colour. Fleece backing - excellent color pay-off after sublimation - no need to apply UV varnish - available in gloss, matte and Carbonium embossed finishes.

WS100 - co-extruded PBT, white. Fleece on the back; ideal material to be used on the water (wake boards and kiteboards). Available in glossy and matte finish

UVR200 - blend based on co-extruded PA; it is white material suitable for sublimation, no fleece. Excellent UV resistance - lighter than PBT . Ideal material for kite boards. Available in glossy, matt and embossed Carbonium finish

ATX coex is a blend of PA/ABS, white in color suitable for both sublimation and screen printing - UV varnish required. Available in glossy, matte finish

Thin layers for Ski industry

One of the markets where La/Es operates is the production of thin layers for ski and watersports industry.

The basic production process is extrusion, integrated by other specific processes, to obtain particular kinds of surface finishing, like texturing and primering. Materials used are ABS Polyammide, PBT, ATX, TPU. Thin layers are used as a base for printed decorations and are subsequently laminated to other layers to produce skis, snowboards, skateboards, kiteboards, wakeboards.

Thin layers for the ski industry


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