Acetate for the optical industry

The La/Es production of sheets for optical frames was made possible by the company's achievements in the extrusion process.

The first phase of this process is the production of granules which are subsequently colored and extruded again into sheets. La/Es is one of the few companies in the sector capable of producing its own granules starting from raw materials (liquids and powders), while most of the competitors limit themselves to purchasing the granules from the market. The ability of La/Es to monitor the production process starting from the raw materials is a clear affirmation of the company know-how and a guarantee of stability in the quality of the goods supplied. Over the years, other processes have been added to extrusion: lamination, for the production of multilayer by pressing, and compression molding, for the production of block models. All the printing technologies, screen printing, sublimatic printing and direct printing are also developed and in use. A recent addition is the know-how for producing block plates with modular patterns.



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